Carpathian trainings

Trainings “Joint Management of the Carpathian Space” organized by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre under the “Carpathians Unite” project, and carried out between March and November 2016 in different locations in the Polish part of the Carpathian region, were targeted at the Carpathian municipality employees, decision makers and local leaders.

The main subject was the sustainable spatial planning in the context of the tasks mandated to the local government units as the “community responsibilities” set by legislation. Participation in the training allowed the municipality employees to broaden their knowledge on the Carpathian Convention, on the importance of the green infrastructure for the maintenance of the natural heritage and landscape values of the Carpathian region, and the financial instruments available for the self-governments and local communities, as well as to exchange experience, analyze good practice examples in the sustainable shaping of the Carpathian space, and improve or acquire new skills on the use of modern geo-information tools (geoportals).

The participants were also trained in the practical application of the two documents prepared under the “Carpathians Unite” project:

  • the “Code of Good Practice in Shaping the Carpathian Space” as a document supporting both the spatial planning and nature conservation in the municipality, to be used by self-governments, inhabitants, non-governmental organizations and the community of spatial planners when preparing the local planning documents;
  • the draft National Action Plan for the implementation of the provisions of the Protocol on the conservation and sustainable use of biological and landscape diversity to the Carpathian Convention in the Polish part of the Carpathian region.

“Carpathian Leader” trainings organized by the Ekopsychologia Association under the „Carpathians Unite” project, aimed at improving the competencies of the representatives of Carpathian non-governmental organizations for a more effective cooperation with the public administration on the protection of the Carpathian biodiversity, for animating activities of the local community, and mobilizing public participation in the implementation of the Carpathian Convention. The above included enhancement of participants’ communication, organization and project management skills.

Trainings “Environmental Mediations for the protection of the natural and landscape heritage of the Carpathians” organized by the Ekopsychologia Association under the „Carpathians Unite” project, were targeted at the employees of local self-government units and representatives of non-governmental organizations from the Polish part of the Carpathian region.

Participants of these three-day long trainings were prepared to play the role of a mediator in possible disputes and conflicts related to environment protection, such as e.g. residential investment pressure on flood plains and areas threatened by landslides, management of Natura 2000 sites, or the location of points of selective collection of municipal waste. The trainees were taught how initiate constructive dialogue between the parties, and organize the mediation process in such situations, including information meetings for the local community, and public consultation.